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  • BNPL vs Credit Cards

    BNPL vs Credit Cards

    The hottest debate in fintech for emerging & established markets currently is between the rise of BNPL as a competitor to Credit Cards in consumer lending.

  • GTM for early stage startups

    GTM for early stage startups

    The most common question a new startup faces is — how do we acquire users -starting from your first 1000 users? How do we go from 1k to 10k users? How do we launch our product? Or if you like to complicate it with VC talk, what’s your Go-to-Market(Aka GTM) strategy?

  • The inside story of building viral #ATMwithCash

    The inside story of building viral #ATMwithCash

    And how Walnut app scaled from 1m-5m users in 2 months in a Pre-Jio world, went viral and was covered by all major news and media orgs. With essentials in short supply, buying groceries is occupying a huge amount of our mental space. To help solve this issue, Walnut app recently announced a new feature to help…