The most fun personal finance feature i built

Bringing consumer social ideas to finance and building #YearInReview

In my post on the ‘future of neo-banks’ I wrote about how the next age of banks will make banking ‘fun’ & ‘enjoyable’ more than functional or insight driven. 

At this one design conference, i met a user of one of the apps i had previously worked on. I was amazed by the feature he loved the most. It wasn’t a more functional budget tracker i had shipped or a weekly review of spends. The feature that tugged most at his heart and stayed in his memory long after was a funny take on your year in spends. This is the story of how i built #YearInReview during my time at Walnut – a personal finance app.

Most of us never check our bank statements at the end of the month. You’ll be amazed by how few people check their detailed credit card statements. It’s just boring. And we all hate doing our taxes at the end of the year.

What if we could make this experience more cheerful? This simple thought led us to build #YearInReview. And unlike the boring, sappy Facebook year in review, this one was weird and interesting.

Here’s some tid-bits most shared by our users –

When was the last time your banking app made you laugh? When was the last time banking felt fun? Who’s building this future of banking?

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