• Decoding Block – Cash App & Square

    Decoding Block – Cash App & Square

    Block is one of the most interesting consumer fintech businesses in the US and the world. It is also one of the few companies with a successful consumer (Cash App) & B2B Play (Square).  In this post I’ll be focusing on the aspects in this blog post.  This might be a good read for product,…

  • The future of credit scoring in India

    The future of credit scoring in India

    How is credit scoring done currently? Will the new account aggregator framework redefine income assessment and credit scoring? We’re focusing on the retail consumer for the purpose of this blog post. Read on to explore. Credit Scores are a key piece in the credit journey of the user. They help determine eligibility and rates for…

  • Lessons from building & scaling referral programs to millions of users 

    Lessons from building & scaling referral programs to millions of users 

    A deep-dive into virality, cycle time, repeat cycles and everything you need to build the perfect referral program. Over the years I’ve worked on a number of referral programs with different apps – music apps, personal finance, payment apps and more recently on a Credit card product. Why should you listen to me? I optimised…

  • Always be shipping

    Always be shipping

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned over years of building products, it’s this. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a small change. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have all the features. Pixel perfect designs, grand debates on the superiority of a new push system — none of it…

  • Principles for designing internet products

    Principles for designing internet products

    Some lessons from building consumer apps.

  • Is QR the future of payments and transactions in India?

    Is QR the future of payments and transactions in India?

    QR codes have seen a huge increase in adoption in the last 2 years along with the adoption of UPI. In this post i explore the different payment methods, parallels with China and the different use-cases where QR will get huge adoption in the days to come. Come join me in peering into the future.

  • BNPL vs Credit Cards

    BNPL vs Credit Cards

    The hottest debate in fintech for emerging & established markets currently is between the rise of BNPL as a competitor to Credit Cards in consumer lending.

  • Will every company be a fintech company?

    Will every company be a fintech company?

    A deep dive into banking infrastructure(BaaS) and it’s future. And a perspective on its evolution in India. In India excluding a few sectors(Edtech, fintech and gaming mostly), a majority of Indian startups(mostly apps) have struggled with monetisation. Even Truecaller with a huge 150m MAU in India struggles to monetise using subscriptions and ads(low cpms). If…

  • Credit Cards as Status Symbols 

    Credit Cards as Status Symbols 

    In this article, i’ll be exploring the importance of signalling. We’ll look at how humans over time have used signalling and how it has evolved in the age of software. More specifically i’ll be exploring signalling in credit cards and how credit cards have long been a status symbol. If we look back in time,…

  • GTM for early stage startups

    GTM for early stage startups

    The most common question a new startup faces is — how do we acquire users -starting from your first 1000 users? How do we go from 1k to 10k users? How do we launch our product? Or if you like to complicate it with VC talk, what’s your Go-to-Market(Aka GTM) strategy?